Jafep Dubai

Al Khayal Restaurant - Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Supply and Apply of Veladuras (water based glaced paint) making an amazing and real wood effect on ceilings at Al Kheyal Restaurant, located in one of the most famous 5 stars hotels of Dubai, Jumeirah Beach. Careful and artist job executed in a total area of 120 sqm.

Al Raha Theater Abu Dhabi

Supply & Apply of Sahara Velvet Effect Paint in Al Raha Theather. Total area painted 650 sqm of offices and corridors. Sahara produces a Pearl Effect, elegant and sophisticated with an easy application. Whasable and resistant paint.

Villa next to Al Khail Road Dubai

Supply and application of Sahara Pearl Effect in a cream colour for a private villa located in Dubai. Application at entrance, men and women majlis rooms, living room, staircase area,... Total painted area more than 500 sqm. Supply of material, water based emulsion paint, for painting of the ceilings as well.

"Warehouse Project" Dubai

Warehouse space transforming in a multiporpuse space with offices, showroom,... Nice design in different walls using our Polished Plaster material creating a trendy concrete effect finished. Around 100 sqm executed area.

Warwick Hotel Dubai

Supply & apply of silver luxury paint (sandy metallic paint) at Warwick Hotel by Damas located in Sheikh Zayed Road (next to Emirates Grand Hotel). Total surface painted 315 sqm at lobby/recepction areas.

Arabian Company HQ

Renovation of offices and furniture showroom in Abu Dhabi for Arabian Company. Application of our new decorative polished plaster (smooth finish), in different tones of grey: light, dark and nickel grey. Total area painted (walls and ceilings) in the first phase of the project was 160 sqm, including special design with engraved pattern and letters.

Arabian Company HQ - 2nd phase

Continuation of decorative painting job at Arabian Compnay Building. Polished plaster - concrete effect paint in Ground Floor and 1st floor. Total area painted at 2nd phase was 250 sqm.

Private Villa in Sharjah

Sharjah villa project for a private client. Reparation of crackers and moistures on existing walls and painting with Jafep decorative paint, Saraha Pearl Effect, in a light brown colour. Total area 250 sqm: entrance, stairs and several rooms. Proffesional job taking care of remove and cover staff and furniture.

Office at Science Park Dubai

Supply and Installation of Jafep Polished Plaster to create a nice concrete effect finish on walls. Office project located at Dubai Science Park, Laboratory Complex. Total area more than 100 sqm.

Renovation Villa Project in Jumeirah Park

Supply and Apply of different decorative and effect paints in a villa located in Jumeirah Park. Selected paint by client, who is an interior designer, was Jafestuc (Traditional Venetian Stuccco) with a gold metallic finish, Les Colours Marron-Brown (Multiparticle Paint) and Gold Metallic paint for domes and ceiling gympsum. Total area painted more than 200 sqm: entrance, corridor, stairs and living room.

Business Center in JLT

Supply and Installation of different decorative paints (Muralia, Pinkel and Veladuras) to create different texture finishing walls, like bricks and concrete looks. New Business Center located at ONE JLT Tower.

Latifa Tower - Breakout Area

Office project in Latifa Tower (Sheikh Zayed Road). Decorative paint apply on ceiling and front wall in breakout-rest area. Client and interior designer select our texture paint called "Valdivieso". In this case topcoat used is a green enamel paint, following corporative colour, but it is a decorative paint where is possible use as topcoat a glace paint ("Veladura"), metallic, acrylic paint... to get different and attractive finishes.


As part of our collaboration agreement with well know Furniture Showroom, Casanova, which distribute high quality furniture from Europe, we have decorated some areas in both showrooms located at Sheik Shayed Road. JAFEP Effects Paints applied have been luxury silver (sandy metallic effect), metallic paint (cooper) and Sahara (pearl effect). Enjoy perfect combination between Jafep decorative paints and designer furniture.

Ras Al Khaimah villa 2

Complete painting works in a private villa in Ras Al Khaimah. Preparation of surfaces, water based emulsion acrylic paints for ceilings & walls and decorative paints for some areas/rooms. Selected decorative paints by client: Sahara Pearl Effect and Venetian Stucco (Jafestuc).

Stone Effect - Exterior walls

Supply and Installation of Stone Effect - Dark Colour. Acrylic decorative coating which simulates the stone/granite effect. Waterproof and wahsable, also offers harsh weather, salpetre and abrasion resistant. Application on a play room exterior walls located in the garden and near to swiming pool area.

Apartment at Burj Khalifa

Application of Sahara Paint (velvet-pearl effect) in different colours selected by client and interior designer, above columns in Burj Khalifa renovation apartment.

Sharjah Office Project

Supply and Apply of Jafep decorative paints and emulsion water based acrylic paints for a showroom/office at Sharjah. Fantastic combination using our Veladuras (Glace paint) creating wood design and the sophisticated velvet/pearl effect paint (Sahara) at the Manager Office. Application of WB emulsion high quality paints for remaining areas.

Gym Project at Palladium Building Sheikh Zayed Road

Supply and installation of Polished Plaster as concrete effect for a Gym Project. Strong and decorative finished in dark grey colour applied on a few walls.

Private apartment - Central Park Tower DIFC

Supply and installation of JAFEP Sahara Paint on the front wall of the living room. Colour matching the aluminum frames to provide a perfect combination and nice overview.

Stucco walls at Arabian Ranches villa

Supply and application of our Jafestuc, decorative Venetian Stucco in a light grey colour. Application in the living room and staircase area walls. Polished and shiny finish.

Al Garhoud villa

Supply and installation of Sahara Paint nº 416 (velvet and pearl effect paint) in the living room at Al Garhoud villa. Painting inside of moulding to provide the room a sophisticated decoration.

Apartment at Sadaf 1 - JBR

Application of Sahara decorative paint (pearl effect) at living room and corridos in a Jumeirah Beach Resident Apartment, Dubai. Selected colours by client: base (off white) and 415 (grey).

In Out Concepts Office - Silicon Oasis

Supply & Apply of Polished Plaster (Concrete Finish) at entrance area and Sahara (Pear Effect Paint) in grey colour for some walls at workstations. Office location at SIT Tower, Silicon Oasis (Dubai).

Villa project in Meadows 2

Residential villa where we have used some of our decoratives paints and colours in one wall of several rooms and areas: entrance, bedrooms, living room,... Effect paints selected for client was Jafestuc (Venetian Stucco) in 2 rooms, Luxury (sandy metallic paint), Veladuras (Glaced paint), Sahara (Velvet and Pearl effect) and Muralia (rustic effect).

Farj Interiors new office - Al Barsha

Supply and Apply of different range of Jafep Decorative Paints for a new office of an Interior Design Company, located in Al Barsha. Selected effect paints for entrance, work station area and offices was: Jafestuc 415 with a silver metallic finish, Luxury silver (black undercoat), Sahara - Velvet Effect and Valdivieso White.

Villa at Palm Jumeirah

Supply and installation in a Palm Jumeirah villa of our Polished Plaster. Selected design of Travertine effect in a off white colour for living room walls.

Other Projects/Designs

Pictures of other commercial and residential projects mainly using different effect paints: stone effect, rustic effect, white particle paint, sandy metallic effect, etc.

Leisure/rest room in Dubai Studio City

Project in Dubai Studio City using stone effect paint, dark colour. Desing imitating bricks which require patience putting masking tape, creating an amazing finished. Total area 85 sqm in a leisure/rest room adjacent to offices. Stone effect is an acrylic decorative coating for exterior and interior use, waterproof and washable. Harsh weather, saltpetre and abrasion resistant

Ras Al Khaimah Villa

Supply and Apply of Sahara paint (velvet and pearl effect) for different areas/rooms in off white colour. Application of Jafep emulsion water based acrylic paint for remaining areas. High quality and washable paint to provide a proffesional and complete painting work at the villa.

Chamas Restaurant - Crown Plaza Hotel

Supply & Apply of Les Colours Marron (Mottled Effect Paint) at the entrance of Chamas Grill Restaurant, located inside of Crown Plaza Hotel (Sheikh Zayed Road). Total area painted 80 sqm in brown colour.

Apartment in Marina 23rd

Supply & apply of White Sahara Paint (velvety effect) in entrance master bedroom and dinning room of one duplex aparment at Marina 23rd Tower (Dubai Marina). Sahara Paint is our most selling paint in Middle East due to his elegant and sophisticated finished.

Villa in Jumeirah 1

Supply and apply of Veladuras (Glaced paint) in a private villa in Jumeirah 1. This particular paint (water based) offers a big range of finishings, using different techniques or tools: stamping, natural sponging, brushing, ragging, shammy rolling,... In this case, client selected wood effect for entrance area.